Workshop #1 : Problem Definition

Workshop #1


Deliverable : 

How can we make people understand and empathize with the problems concerning representative democracy, understanding local/global issues & the relationship between them by designing a tool for people who choose (real*) democracy as a governance model?  *incorruptible, transparent, inclusive, fair

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  • Luana

    • Understand the limits of the system we want to build

    • How do we measure how we are successful ?

    • Theory of change

  • Angeliki

    • How are we different from google?

    • Leave coding for now?

    • 3 types of groups

      • Political science

      • Pilots

      • Volonteers

      • System

      • Vision

      • Software Design

  •  Mia

    • Binary voting vs content creating

    • How to ensure accountability

  • Claudia

    • What if nobody cares? Detached from democratic process?

    • Change something in people mind

    • Need develop alternative narrative on democracy, imaginaries

  • Mair

    • It will never be about the app until we really agree on what we want to have an impact

    • Create a seed for the futur of our work